Napoli tra greci e romani

The beautiful city of Naples preserves many records of the ancient Greek-Roman settlement, partly hidden by buildings and modern churches or gathered in large museums. Our tour will start in Piazza Bellini, where a part of the Greek wall is still visible, to reach Piazza San Gaetano, the heart of the Greek-Roman city where we will relive the daily life of the ancient Romans. The itinerary includes the visit to the roman market under the Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore and the museum with artifacts found in the Roman forum. Walking along via San Gregorio Armeno down to Spaccanapoli, we will see ancient ruins blended in squares and modern buildings. On demand it's possible to visit the Roman thermal baths in the cloister of Santa Chiara.


 The National Archaeological Museum is closed on Tuesday. The ticket to the excavations of S. Lorenzo costs 6 euros per student. The ticket to the cloister of Santa Chiara costs 3,50 euro per student.