Napoli monumentale 1

The political and administrative center of Naples is made up of three adjoining squares formed at different times, on which still overlook important historic buildings. The tour starts from the so called Castel dell'Ovo, located on the ancient islet of Megaride where the lifeless body of the mermaid Partenope arrived turning in the morphology of Naples area. From here we will reach Piazza Plebiscito, the ancient Largo di Palazzo seat of the royal court and theatre of many popular festivals, typically Neapolitan. The tour includes the visit to the Royal Palace, the Court Theatre and the Palatine Chapel. We will admire the elegant façade of the San Carlo Theatre and then we will walk through the Galleria Umberto I, to end the guided tour in front of the New Castle. 


Tour Duration: 3 hours.

Cost of the guided tour: write to The ticket to the Royal Palace is not included.