Napoli Sotterranea web

The remains of the Greek-Roman Naples emerge still below the modern city, giving life to a city full of contradictions. The guided tour to the discover the remains of the ancient city of Neapolis will start in Piazza Bellini, where it's still visible a section of the Greek wall dated back to the V b.C. Then we will walk along the main road - via dei Tribunali - to climb up to S. Aniello a Caponapoli along the sacred road, corresponding to the Greek acropolis. Next stop will be the monumental complex of Pietrasanta, with a portion of the greek-roman acqueduct, built using a tufa cave and then used as an air raid shelter during the WWII. Finally, we'll reach Piazza San Gaetano, the ancient Neapolitan forum, to visit the ruins of the Roman market under the Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore. 

Tour Duration: 3 hours.

Cost of the guided tour: write to Tickets to the sites are not included.